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No. of Respondents by Sex
Sex Count
Female 1363
Male 1603
No. of Respondents by Status
Type Count
Call not responded 483
Call responded 2671
In coming call facilities not available 25
invalid cell no 57
Not reachable 148
Number does not exist 173
Number switched off 164
Refused to participate 278
Service not availed 282
Wrong number 438
No. of Respondents by Survey Type
Category Count
CATI 2880
Open Survey 78
Open Feedback 30
No. of Respondents by Service
Service Count
Issuance of English Language Proficiency Certificate (ELPC) 1183
Move-in & Move-out (Inter-Dzongkhag Census Transfer) 2410
New CID/SR Card Issuance 2046
Filing of Personal Income Tax (PIT) Services 14260
Export Permit 19
Fishing Permit 0
Forestry clearance for SRF land lease 25
Import Permit 82
Permit for Non-Wood Forest Produce (NWFP) collection 3201
Royalty Payment 3738
Clearance for Research Applications 0
Approval for export of NWFP/Timber/RBM/Stone/Boulders/Finished Products/Semi-Finished Products/Bamboo 6
Approval for import of NWFP/Timber/RBM/Stone/Boulders/Finished Products/Semi-Finished Products/Bamboo 77
General Forest Produce Movement Order (GFPMO) permit 3046
Micro Trade License 186
Wholesale License 10
Retail License 261
Industries-Environment Clearance 5
Industries-Domestic License 12
Industries-Invest Bhutan License (FDI) 0
DCSI License 0
Rural Land Transaction (purchase/sale) 7818
Urban Land Transaction (purchase/sale) 1418
Passport Services 366
Building Construction Approval 28
New Waterline Connection 34