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No. of Respondents by Sex
Sex Count
Male 517
Female 544
No. of Respondents by Status
Type Count
Call not responded 121
Call responded 1036
In coming call facilities not available 3
invalid cell no 31
Not reachable 40
Number does not exist 55
Number switched off 74
Refused to participate 177
Service not availed 129
Wrong number 186
No. of Respondents by Survey Type
Category Count
CATI 1028
Open Survey 27
Open Feedback 8
No. of Respondents by Service
Service Count
Issuance of English Language Proficiency Certificate (ELPC) 557
Move-in & Move-out (Inter-Dzongkhag Census Transfer) 1367
New CID/SR Card Issuance 1014
Department of Forest and Park Service's Issuance of Rural Timber Permit System 1020
Department of Revenue and Customs Filing of Tax Returns (PIT) System 4988
Business Licensing Services 2966
Rural Land Transaction (purchase/sale) 4824
Urban Land Transaction (purchase/sale) 1153
Department of Regional Cooperation's Passport Service System 142