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Service Evaluation (ServE) Tool

SET measures and benchmarks citizens experiences and perception on the performance and quality of service delivery

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Each of the 10 indicators run on a 5 point Likert scale with 1 representing the lowest possible score and 5 as the highest possible score.

The ratings collected based on the 10 indicators will be aggregated into a composite score to indicate an overall satisfaction level of a specific service provided by a specific agency. The data collected on the platform will allow relevant agencies to access real-time analytics and dashboards for effective and informed decision-making.

About ServE Tool

Service Evaluation (ServE) Tool is an open platform for service users in particular and citizens at large to rate services. e. It was developed under the premise that if...

We the service providers do not try to find out what our service users think about our services, we will never be able to give a good service user experience.

The ServE Tool is based on a survey questionnaire capturing 10 indicators that are conceptually categorised under five parameters for measurement of public service quality which are; accessibility, timeliness, attitude, integrity and feedback.

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